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AC Disaster Consulting was the only firm that understood exactly, including the magnitude, of what Pasco County was looking for. Alyssa and her team worked relentlessly to recover every cent that was eligible for reimbursement. Alyssa’s team never missed a deadline and in nearly all of the projects were weeks or months ahead of schedule. I can affirm that her firm was the first, by weeks, to submit reimbursements that have netted over $5M in received obligated funds.

Kevin GuthrieFormer Pasco County Administrator

Services & Expertise

AC Disaster Consulting is a full-spectrum emergency management firm.
Our team of experts provide high-quality consulting services in the following areas:

Planning & Preparedness

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Response Operations & Logistics

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AC Disaster Consulting are the rare practitioner/policy experts who leverage their vast networks of emergency management professionals to continually improve the services they provide based on those experiences and their analysis of how federal policy is interpreted and implemented in real time. Their knowledge of federal recovery programs, policies, and practices are incomparable.

Andrew J. PhelpsState Emergency Management Director, Oregon Military Department

Case Studies

Check out the gallery below to learn more about the communities we have served!

AC Disaster Consulting made sure every eligible dollar was identified and put forth for consideration for reimbursement from prior disasters. The team also demonstrated a strong talent for dealing with often confusing and conflicting language from FEMA and FDEM as well as advocated to ensure that Pasco County was treated fairly.

Patrick BallingerGrants Coordinator, Pasco County Board of County Commissioners


        AC Disaster Consulting is a diverse team of subject-matter experts that are available to help communities and other clients prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. Our staff have unique skillsets that run the gamut of emergency management, which enables us to collaborate with partners at all levels to maximize our support and help to the communities and clients we serve.


Alyssa Carrier, CFM, CEM


Alyssa Carrier is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AC Disaster Consulting. She brings more than 14 years of experience in emergency management and disaster recovery services. She is a highly skilled leader with extensive experience managing and delivering complex projects. Alyssa manages AC Disaster Consulting’s Texas and Washington, D.C. offices, where she coordinates all federal and state government business activities and collaborates with leaders across the nation. Alyssa is a certified Federal Grants Manager, Floodplain Manager and Hazard Mitigation Trainer.

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Jonathan Jenkins


Jonathan Jenkins brings more than 17 years of experience in emergency management and homeland security to AC Disaster Consulting. He is skilled in many aspects of disaster planning and response, including urban environments, infrastructure and logistics, and emergency operations. Jonathan manages internal operations for AC Disaster Consulting, while ensuring the company remains a key leader in the changing world of emergency management.

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Jenelle Miller


Jenelle Miller brings cross-jurisdictional emergency management experience to AC Disaster Consulting. Jenelle provides a unique approach to research methods, application of social media practices and implementation of emergency management and disaster recovery strategies for our clients and partners.

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Karli Booth


Karli Booth brings eight years of FEMA Public Assistance and disaster recovery experience to AC Disaster Consulting. She is key for client interactions, corporate administration-finance and human resources. Karli is proficient in invoice payment and reconciliation as well as logistics for staff field deployment to regions before, during and after natural disasters. Karli oversees damage assessments, payroll, hiring and training field staff for AC Disaster Consulting and its clients. She has worked on 10 declared storms, ensuring that more than $20 million of invoice reconciliations were completed on time and for the betterment of the communities served.

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Vanessa Gatto


Vanessa Gatto brings more than 10 years in emergency management experience to AC Disaster Consulting. She is proficient in federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to the data, billing, and reimbursement of FEMA funding. She is also experienced in proposal writing, hiring, and deployment of staff to regions affected by natural disasters. Vanessa manages the disaster management and debris recovery processes for AC Disaster Consulting, focusing on thousands of pieces of data and information at any given time. She has worked on nearly 20 natural disaster declarations and holds more than 30 FEMA training certificates, including the Certificate of Achievement for the FEMA Professional Development Series.

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Lucas Pagan


Lucas Pagan brings over 10 years of experience to AC Disaster Consulting in Disaster Recovery working with State and Federal agencies, Local governing entities, elected officials and various stakeholder groups. Lucas excels at planning and achieving complex goals while simultaneously working on multiple projects. Throughout his career, Lucas has drafted, reviewed and closed over 2,500 Public Assistance and Hazard Mitigation projects throughout New York, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois. Lucas is recognized for his attention to detail and his excellent client service skills.

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Corporate Program & Staff Experience

We as a City are privileged to be in the very capable and experienced hands of AC Disaster Consulting. With their help our recovery has moved quicker than anyone ever expected. Alyssa has broad connections within Federal and State agencies and is well-respected in her field.

Tanya CastroCity Administrator, City of Mexico Beach